Cloud-cloud collision

The movie shows the collision of two giant molecular clouds with relative speed of 25 km/s and the formation of young massive clusters at 1 Myr (Liow and Dobbs 2020).

Clusters in Spiral Arms

These movies show the column density (top) and ionisation (bottom) for a region along a spiral arm which is forming massive star clusters. The movie shows a timescale of 1.6 Myr, and the length scale is around 60 pc (Dobbs et al. 2022).

Two simulations of a region along a spiral arm are shown with different gas densities. The movies show the formation of star clusters, and feedback in the form of photoionisation and supernovae is included. The higher gas density simulation (top) forms clusters up to masses of around 105 solar masses. The lower gas density simulation (bottom) forms several groups of stars which are unbound, and are similar in mass (combined mass around 104 solar masses) and size to the Orion OB association (Dobbs et al., submitted).